Anogyra Village Pasteli Festival

Sweet Delights Await on September 10th

Prepare for an engaging and immersive experience at the Anogyra Pasteli Festival on September 10th. In addition to savouring delectable pasteli and soaking up the village’s culture, you can look forward to:

  • Interactive Carob Workshops: Dive into the world of carob, a local treasure, through hands-on workshops that let you explore its uses and significance.
  • Fairy tale Narrations: Be enchanted by captivating narrations of local fairy-tale, adding a touch of magic to your festival experience.
  • Documentary Screening: Gain insights into the village’s rich history and the art of pasteli-making through a documentary screening.
  • Pasteli-Making Demonstrations: Witness the traditional production process of pasteli, step by step, as skilled artisans bring this sweet delight to life.
  • Local Producer Exhibition: Discover the talents of 20 local producers as they showcase their diverse products, giving you a taste of Anogyra’s finest.
  • Live Music Programme: As the day unfolds, a live music program featuring local artists will fill the air with melodies, further enriching the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

The Anogyra Pasteli Festival promises an exciting blend of workshops, storytelling, culture, and entertainment. Save the date for September 10th, and join us for a day filled with exploration and enjoyment!