Destination Touristic Services Vision & Mission Statement

As part of DERTOUR Group, the Mission Statement of Destination Touristic Services is based on the shared vision, purpose, values, and principles.

Our vision

We are a worldwide, leading network of destination management companies. We benefit from having strong individual businesses as well as being able to collaborate across the wider group.


We make a difference by working together, helping our customers’ holiday dreams come true.
Together, we ensure that every holiday is THE holiday. The way we treat each other, our customers, and partners, as well as the way we are always there for them makes us unique – all, while embracing our responsibility for the environment and societies we operate in.


  • Showing energy, passion, and determination. Approaching every task with enthusiasm.
  • Creating a great working environment in which everyone can feel they have a positive contribution to make.
  • Taking advantage of different perspectives and respecting differences among team members, customers and partners.


  • We make things happen by personally taking responsibility for our work, looking for the best solutions, making informed decisions and doing things to the highest possible standards.
  • We put the customer at the centre of everything we do; with a wide range of products and destinations, the most efficient processes and attention to detail, and an obsession with creating an effortless customer experience that leads to outstanding levels of customer satisfaction.
  • We are willing to change and take risks to improve the customer experience and achieve better financial results. We seek out ways to transform the way we operate and are happy to disrupt the status quo as a way to improve. 
  • We rely on innovative, enthusiastic, open collaboration within the group and with all our partners.
  • We only make promises we intend to keep. We uphold the highest standards of corporate behaviour, ensuring compliance at all times.
  • We act in an ethical and sustainable way to ensure we and our partners protect the interests of society and the environment.
  • Destination Touristic Services is a Travelife member.  Currently, we have started the process to work step by step towards complying with international sustainability standards and certifying our own destination management companies (DMCs). We support all business partners towards more sustainability and create more sustainability awareness among our guests.


  • As an international travel company, DERTOUR Group with its Destination Management Company Network is aware of the responsibility it has towards host countries, their cultures and its customers, partners, employees and society. Corporate governance geared to responsible and long-term value creation is therefore the basis for DERTOUR Group’s commitment to sustainability.
  • DERTOUR Group aims to uphold the very highest standards of corporate conduct and ensures compliance with them at all times. It acts in an ethical and sustainable manner to ensure that it and its partners protect the interests of society and the environment.
  • Social commitment (e.g. DER Touristik Foundation)
  • Apart from economic criteria, business ethics, compliance with human rights and labour standards, protection of the environment and animal welfare are key criteria we apply in selecting our business partners and assessing new and existing business relationships. The Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all regions of the world where DERTOUR Group operates. We expect all our business partners and their employees to ensure compliance with these requirements.
  • The fields of action in which we assume responsibility and develop appropriate measures include:
    • Ensuring customers awareness
    • Ensuring customers awareness
    • Promoting animal welfare
    • Protecting children
    • Protecting the environment
    • Providing a fair working environment and employing qualified staff
    • Providing economic benefits to local communities
    • Respectful in encounters with local traditions
    • Social commitment
Destination WE


Destination Touristic Services was founded in July 2013 as a new global DMC network to provide incoming services to tour operators (B2B). Destination Touristic Services has now developed into a broadly positioned and globally acting company and implemented a bed bank with a highly competitive product portfolio to its clients.
In order to monitor all offices in the destinations, an independent headquarters has been formed, based in Palma de Mallorca, DER Touristik Services S.L.U. It functions as a holding company for all Destination Touristic Services subsidiaries.

Having started its operations in November 2013 with destination offices in Egypt, UAE, Bulgaria and Tunisia, the company is constantly growing. Since opening incoming subsidiaries in Spain and Turkey in November 2014, Destination Touristic Services has become the market leader in Egypt and Tunisia for German holidaymakers.
Since January 2015, the company has offered its services in Greece, and since May 2016, also in Central Europe, with headquarters in Austria and local offices in Croatia. As of 2017, Destination Touristic Services provides services in the Dominican Republic, and in 2018, operations for Croatia were set up separately from Central Europe with an own subsidiary in Croatia. The last addition to destination touristic services’ destination portfolio is Cyprus, which has come on board in 2020.

Timeline Destination Touristic Services

Our parent company DERTOUR Group

Destination Touristic Services is owned by DERTOUR Group, the second largest travel group in Germany with the buying power of the tour operators DERTOUR, ITS, MEIER’S WELTREISEN, clevertours, and TRAVELIX. Even though the company works closely with the above-mentioned tour operators, Destination Touristic Services is an independent incoming agency offering its services to various third-party tour operators. In addition, the company provides a constantly growing range of products to numerous clients from its expanding bed bank.

You can download our DERTOUR Group Info file here.

DMC Network

There for the holiday guests

In 30 travel countries, the employees of the Group’s own destination management companies (DMC) look after the guests.

They welcome the guests to their holiday destination and are their first contact persons when it comes to questions about reservations, transfers or the organization of excursions. The DMC employees are also in close contact with hotels as well as local partners and do the hotel purchasing for the Group’s tour operators.
The global network of destination management companies operates under the following brands:
Destination Touristic Services in EMEA, GoVacation in Africa and GoVacation Asia and New World Travel in the US.

You can download our DMC Network Brochure here:

DMC Network


As part of a big travel group, we aim to ensure a pleasant and safe journey. This applies both to our customers and our employees. In this respect, we offer attractive career opportunities under fair conditions. Additional investments in continuous further and advanced training provide our employees with the perspectives to a successful future.
Whether travel agent, accountant, or web designer – we offer interesting challenges and exciting development opportunities in all positions surrounding our favorite field: tourism. Join us and discover all the colorful and diverse aspects of the travel industry.
Your enthusiasm, commitment, and achievements will move forward thousands of travelers – and not least your career.

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