The wooden train of Sóller: A traditional gem kept alive by tourism.

Hop on and take a ride through Mallorca’s history and culture.

In April 1912, the long-awaited train connecting Palma de Mallorca with Sóller, a small town surrounded by mountains and with the Mediterranean Sea as the only outlet, became a reality. The fertile soil of the valley of Sóller and a thriving industry required modernization to improve communication, passenger traffic and the transportation of oranges and local products. Not only did the trade experience spectacular growth during those years, but also tourism, as the electrification of the train in 1929 allowed for trips from Palma to Puerto de Sóller with tickets that combined train and tram.

Today, this small wooden train still exists, offering tourists a trip back in time passing through tunnels, mountains and green meadows full of almond and orange trees. As with so many traditions, modernity and globalization bring with them forgetfulness and replacement. Others, the luckier ones, survive today thanks to wonderful conservation projects and the interest of tourists and travelers in the emblems of the destinations they visit.

And that is where we see the importance and responsibility of our industry. We have the power to preserve and promote those customs that are part of the essence of each place, or to dilute them in a sea of tourist homogenization.

It’s up to us! That’s why at Destination Touristik Services, we apply strong principles based on respect for our destinations and the sustainability of the environment and its traditions. Let’s take charge and make a positive impact!