Thank you very much for your donations!

After the devastating fires on the Greek holiday island of Rhodes, we called for donations for the people in the local communities and for the reconstruction of the affected regions. With great gratitude we were able to send our partner Heliotropio the proud sum of EUR 53,990.

Every donation that reached us was doubled by DER Touristik. In addition, DER Touristik donated a further EUR 50,000 for the relief and reconstruction measures on the island. 100% of the money will go towards the following measures directly on Rhodes:

      • Showing energy, passion, and determination. Approaching every task with enthusiasm.
      • Supporting the reforestation activities of the Greek Ministry of Forestry and planting over 1,000 trees.
      • Raising awareness among the local population about measures to protect against soil erosion and to promote a more fire-resistant ecosystem after forest fires.
      • Establishment of a greenhouse for forest species run by local communities.
      • Raising awareness among the local population (including children) about sustainability and the use of alternative energies.
      • Equipping communities with firefighting equipment to improve disaster preparedness of volunteers.
      • Working with the fire brigade to train volunteer firefighters.

We are grateful for the generous donations we have received and together we can make a meaningful contribution to rebuilding and preventing future disasters.

Together, you and us make the difference!