This year marks the 120th anniversary of the first Rose Festival in Kazanlak

(the cradle of  the rose valley in Bulgaria) with an incredible tradition. The celebration is organized in honour of the rose, flowers and fertility, of beauty and with gratitude for the livelihood of the Rose Valley. Today, the celebration has preserved the most essential part of the ancient rituals, recreating the joy of the coming rose harvest. The Rose Valley in Bulgaria is the home of the Rose Damaszena. For more than 3 centuries, the famous oil rose has been grown here, bringing world fame to the local rose oil masters. A few years ago, Bulgaria became the number one producer of rose oil worldwide.

The Rose Festival takes place in the first week of June, when the newly elected Queen Rose is crowned. Then the culminating three-day celebrations begin. The highlights are the official “Rosober”: rose picking and Rosemaking rituals and the colourful Kazanlak Carnival Procession, which is the largest street carnival in Bulgaria.

DTS Bulgaria will assist in arranging your visit to this traditional three-day Rose Festival in Kazanlak, which in recent decades has turned into a month-long festival of talent, art and beauty with a diverse cultural program for tourists, guests, already imposing its name in Bulgaria and around the world as the „Rose Festival in Kazanlak“.