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Bulgaria is located in south-eastern Europe and borders Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. As Europe’s 16th-largest country, it has a territory of 110,994 square kilometres.

In Bulgaria, tourists truly enjoy their summer holidays. They take a boat trip to see dolphins and enjoy the endless seascape, or just visit the beautiful cities, where the old parts of town offer charming alleys and boutique shops. Of course, Bulgaria also offers gorgeous beaches where visitors relax and leave their everyday worries behind. Tourists enjoy a wide variety of activities in Bulgaria.
Тo get to know Bulgaria and Bulgarians, you need to wake up in this country located in the very heart of the Balkans. You will discover fairytale mountain ranges, picturesque villages, ancient cities, and monasteries and churches juxtaposed with old mosques.
You will hear the unique sound of Bulgarian folk songs, you will experience the old traditions in rites and celebrations, and you will discover the rich taste of Bulgarian cuisine: which combines the best of several worlds – oriental tradition, European influences and exotic Balkan tastes, together with the fine aroma of Bulgarian wines.
Take a trip with us and you’ll have an experience to remember.

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Burgas is located on the Black Sea shore, in the Burgas Bay, and it is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria. The city’s population is more than 230,000 habitants. The port of Burgas is the largest cargo port in the country, and its airport is situated just 10 kilometres north-east of the city.

The climate in Burgas is highly influenced by the sea. During the summer, the average daytime temperature is 26 °С and the average seawater temperature is 25 °С, which makes it the best time to visit.
As Burgas offers good transport connections, a sea port, developed industry and at the same time has preserved its history, it has become an attractive destination for tourists. The city and the region offer several tourism options, including marine tourism, cultural tourism and cultural sites, health and wellness tourism, ornithological opportunities and wine tasting.

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Located in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea shore, Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and the largest on the Black Sea shore. It has a population of 330,000 habitants. Due to its history and its economic and cultural significance, it is often called the Sea Capital of Bulgaria.

The average temperature in the summer is 23 °С and the average annual temperature is about 12 °С, which makes it attractive for sea tourism during the summer.
The combination of port, city and seaside resort makes Varna an appealing place to spend a couple of days. It is full of history and yet modern, with an enormous park to have fun in and a lengthy beach to lounge on. In the centre of Varna you’ll find Bulgaria’s largest Roman baths complex and its best archaeological museum, as well as a lively restaurant scene.

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