Sustainable travel with DERTOUR

Tour operator expands online world of topics and publishes new edition of the MAGALOGUE “Bewusst Reisen”

DERTOUR is strengthening its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible tourism. The range of hotels in the online theme world at “Sustainable holidays” has been further expanded and the fourth edition of the “Bewusst Reisen” magalogue has been published. More than 45 hotel partners that focus on recycling, reducing waste and saving resources are presented online and in the magalogue.

The theme-world also meets various facets of sustainability on holiday, explains the GSTC’s core criteria for sustainable accommodation and provides answers to frequently asked questions. Holiday ideas for different target groups such as couples or families can be found there, as well as more sustainable excursions – from a bike tour to hidden beaches on Tenerife to a hike with goats on Fuerteventura and the ‘Natir’ eco-tour on Mauritius. On the website, users can also find inspiration on many other topics such as slow tourism, considerate animal encounters and DER Touristik’s commitment to sustainability.

The new “Bewusst Reisen” magazine provides information about the DER Touristik Foundation and the charitable organisation’s new projects as well as ways to travel more gently. The fourth issue of the online magazine also featueres the MARRS mission to save the coral reefs in the Maldives. Another focus of the magalogue is how to reduce your own CO2 footprint when travelling.

Those who want to discover other countries in an environmentally conscious way and together with like-minded people will be interested in the small group tours presented here. The small group tours to Portugal and Madeira, Bulgaria, Menorca and Andalusia as well as the individual self-drive tours through Ireland have been developed with a special focus on sustainability. They meet high social and ecological standards – from the accommodation to the excursions and flights. Specifically, DER Touristik uses SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) purchased from the Lufthansa Group to improve the carbon footprint of selected products. For example, a 20 per cent share of SAF will be fed into the flight system for the Lufthansa flights of the round trips presented in the 2024 Magalogue. This meets the individual flight-related CO₂ emissions of the passenger. As part of a strategic partnership, DER Touristik was the first major tour operator to acquire corresponding quantities of SAF from the Lufthansa Group in July 2023. With the acquired SAF, DER Touristik offers its guests air travel with SAF use at no extra charge.