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Donation campaign to support the relief and recovery efforts on Rhodes

Devastating forest fires have been raging for days on the Greek island of Rhodes. Greece is experiencing an extreme heat wave with temperatures above the 40-degree mark. Emergency forces are fighting the flames with all available means. According to the fire department, 60 new fires broke out within a few hours. Violent changing winds are fanning the fires again and again. The Greek government has now initiated the largest evacuation operation in the country’s history.

In the wake of the devastating wildfire that struck Rhodes, we would like to announce the launch of a donation campaign through the DER Touristik Foundation to support the communities affected by the wildfires in Rhodes. The funds raised will directly support the relief and recovery efforts on the island.

In the event of a disaster, fast and efficient help is what counts. We ensure that all donations arrive where they are most urgently needed. Your donation is guaranteed to flow 100% in the relief and reconstruction efforts on Rhodes.

Every contribution will be matched by DER Touristik, doubling the change we can bring together to all those affected by the fires.

Furthermore, we pledge to donate an additional 50.000 EUR towards to relief and recovery efforts on the island.

Every bit of help counts – thank you for your support!