Fun in the snow!

It is March, which means winter season isn’t over yet! In some places in the valleys the first flowers are blooming, and spring is around the corner, whereas at the same time the mountain peaks still invite winter lovers to ski or snowboard.

Winter tourism in Austria is not only about skiing, but there are also many different activities that you can do, and we would like to introduce two of them.

Husky sleighing

There are various places where you can go dog sleighing, one of them is Gastein. Between two and six dogs cannot wait to finally get started and run through the snowy landscape. You get a short introduction of how to interact with the dogs, e.g., when it’s going up you need to push with them, when its going down, you need to slow them down putting your foot in the snow, and when it’s a turn you need to lean in that direction. The dogs are fast, and it’s an amazing feeling being in nature, only you and the dogs!

There was also a race this year in Hintersee: the international dog sleighing race where dogs and racers from all over Europe participated! Not only huskies where running, but also other breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes or Samojedes. There were different disciplines, one was for example „Skijöring“which is cross country skiing with a maximum of two dogs in front of you.