FUN in the Snow!

Balloon Festival in Filzmoos, Austria

Another winter event is the hot-air balloon festival in Filzmoos, Austria. The festival takes places during two weeks in January with different events. The first festival was in 1979 and expanded ever since. During the day, you can see colorful hot-air balloons floating around the small village in the mountains. At the end of the festival there is also a night event with music and fireworks.

In January we had a group that also had some interesting off the beaten path activities booked. The group had a winter team challenge, and we would like to pick out two very peculiar activities. The first is the ice floe challenge. The participants need to work together with creativity and helping each other to cross the water without getting wet. The other activity was to build an ice sculpture. An ice artist helps you to form a sculpture out of a 110 kg block of ice. In the end, the sculptures were staged in light and brought to life.