“Since 2023, our entire fleet on Tenerife and Gran Canaria (new rental cars except for 1 automatic car) has been converted from 100% petrol to hybrid. We always monitor whether there is potential in our organization to further advance the climate strategy of DER Touristik Group and actively to support.” says Michael Vetter, DTS-CH. “And by the way, our colleagues are of course excited about the new vehicles.”

“There are around 250 hotels in the entire portfolio on Tenerife. By March 2020, around 130 information folders and another 130 return travel folders were laid out in the hotels for our guests. Previously, these folders were maintained manually, which was partly associated with additional trips for logistical reasons, in addition to the office hours for customers our hotels.

In the future, all information about a booked trip of a customer can be found at https://dertouristik-reiseleitung.com. Changes or additional bookings are no longer exclusively made via the travel guide, but also by telephone via the CCiD/local office. For our representatives, this means that we no longer have to drive to each of the 250 hotels to check out or fill in the information folders. Previously, the tour guides drove to each hotel 3 times a week on average.

Our team on Tenerife works exclusively digitally with the help of tablets – there are no more paper forms! A big success.

So we are pleased that the ecological footprint of our tour guides could be reduced quite a bit.” Jan Zeitschel, DTS-CH. “In any case, we will stay tuned to the topic.”