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Bulgaria is located in south-eastern Europe and borders Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. As Europe’s 16th-largest country, it has a territory of 110,994 square kilometres.

In Bulgaria, tourists can truly enjoy their summer holidays. They can take a boat trip to see dolphins and enjoy the endless seascape, or just visit the beautiful cities, where the old parts of town offer charming alleys and boutique shops. Of course Bulgaria also offers gorgeous beaches where visitors can relax and leave their everyday worries behind. Tourists can enjoy a wide variety of activities in Bulgaria.
Тo get to know Bulgaria and Bulgarians, you need to wake up in this country located in the very heart of the Balkans. You will discover fairytale mountain ranges, picturesque villages, ancient cities, and monasteries and churches juxtaposed with old mosques.
You will hear the unique sound of Bulgarian folk songs, you will experience the old traditions in rites and celebrations, and you will discover the rich taste of Bulgarian cuisine, together with the fine aroma of Bulgarian wines . . .
Take a trip with us and you’ll have an experience to remember.

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