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Many people think of Bella Vita speaking about Italy.

DER Viaggi, has a long presence in Italy. In 1954, the very first DER branch office abroad was opened in Rome, Italy, to assist German travellers arriving in this country. Italy is one of the leading touristic destinations in the world, with more than 400 million overnights in the year 2022.

In about 70 years of presence in this country we know its culture, its mentality and its way of handling business very well. As a German company, we stick to the meaning of being reliable, punctual and concrete in all aspects of our business relationships with our partners as well as those with our final suppliers. We deliver high quality with creativity, flexibility and great dynamism – these are the fundamental skills of our modern company. All of this, combined with the strength of the DER Touristik Group, our sole shareholder, made DER Viaggi become one of the most renowned inbound operators in Italy.

Hiking in South Tyrol, swimming in Sardinia, and sightseeing in Rome: Italy offers you a wide range of wonderful holiday destinations. Enchanting mountain landscapes, crystal-clear lakes, kilometer-long beaches, picturesque towns with centuries of history, and culinary delights that are second to none and will make it hard to choose from. Thanks to the sun and mild climate you can spend your holidays in Italy almost all year round.

Charming mountain worlds await you on the southern side of the Alps: hikers discover old irrigation channels; cyclists explore green valleys. There are many different dreamlike landscapes and cultural treasures to marvel at in Northern Italy.

Skiing and snowboarding in winter, hiking, climbing, or mountain biking throughout the year. Think of any water sport’s activity from windsurfing, and scuba diving to wild water rafting we will tell you where the best places are.

Further south, Liguria is famous for its pastel-colored houses of villages clinging to the breathtaking cliffs, its beautiful coves with fine sandy beaches, and its fishing villages and cities rich in history and captivating.

The magic of the island Sardinia lies in the beautiful, white sandy beaches, the crystal-clear waters, the small bathing bays, and the rugged landscape in the interior and the southwest region of the island.

Old towns and forgotten villages where time seems to have stood still are hidden in the mountainous, wooded hinterland. Not far from the pirate coast – and often with magnificently preserved cultural treasures: museums, churches, and castles. Awaiting you on the coast is a contrasting alternation of dark lava beaches with sandy bays, interrupted by cliffs and lined with secluded bathing resorts. Calabria means more than just sun. Art, culture, and culinary delights – do the one without leaving out the other.

The heel of the Italian boot convinces with a wide range of attractions: ancient towns, fine architecture, footprints of conquerors and different cultures, beautiful countryside with seas of olives and of course the light sandy beaches. A mix of history, scents, tradition, and nature will please every visitor. Enjoy the diversity of Apulia and at the same time relax on one of the many beaches of the Adriatic or the Ionian Sea.

All can be arranged to enjoy the good things in life: la Bella Vita in Italy!

Patrizio Appolloni
Managing Director

Friederike Alber
Operations Director

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