Djerba is, at 514 square kilometres, the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabes, off the coast of Tunisia. It has a population of 158,941, and has an average daily temperature of 20 °C throughout the year. It is a particularly attractive destination in summer, when temperatures can climb to 30 °C.

If you’re looking for the picture-perfect beach escape, Djerba is your holiday destination of choice. The main island town of Houmt Souk has an old town district that is a maze of whitewashed houses. It is an attraction in itself, with plenty of shopping opportunities for those who want to get off the beach. But it is those sandy strips of shoreline out of town that are the island’s most popular highlight. Pristine and fringed by date palms, the beaches are relaxing, get-away-from-it-all settings where summer daydreams are made.
You can spend your afternoon shopping in the boutiques of souvenirs downtown, in the ancient neighbourhood of Houmt Souk, or visiting the museums and the historical monuments that have witnessed the passage of various civilizations. Finally you might want to enjoy a fragrant mint tea in one of the popular cafes.

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