Aswan is an oasis of peace and tranquility. This lush and relatively untouched land remains a beloved favourite with all who have passed through it. Here the Nile is at its most picturesque, stunning and deep blue, fringed with exotic plants, impressive black granite boulders and the simple life of the friendly laid-back locals. Colourful Nubian villages and palm fringed islands stand out against the desert mountain backdrop, all creating a peaceful environment that will make you fall in love with this timeless city.

With countless historical sights to see, including the wonderful feat of engineering epitomised by the Aswan Dam, you may need more than one visit to see all that Aswan has to offer. The first sight of Abu Simbel across Lake Nassar is one that you will never forget. In addition, Philae Temple and Isis Temple are just two of the many sites that will leave you spellbound. The best local market ‘souk’ outside of Cairo is just waiting to be explored and together with all the small local delights you are sure to experience the best insight into traditional Egyptian life.

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