Switzerland is located in the middle of the Alps, consisting of 26 cantons with distinct features. There are 4 languages spoken in Switzerland: German in the north, east and middle, Italian in the south, French in the west and Romansh in some local regions. The biggest cities are Zurich, Geneva and Basel, while its capital city Bern is rather small. Switzerland is not part of the EU and has therefore also a different currency: Swiss Francs.

Due to its location in the middle of the Alps, Alpine Tourism is the most important in the country: whether in the winter time where you can slide down the mountains with ski, or in the summer time where you can climb them. There are of course numerous other options to spend the days outdoors, from different sport activities, to one of the big lakes of Switzerland: Lake Constance, Lake Geneva or the beautiful Lake Maggiore. Switzerland has a lot of eco-friendly options to offer. You can easily discover the country by public transport and explore the different regions and plateaus with the famous Glacier Express.

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